IFI has had it as one of its goals to grow more anglers for a number of years. More recently in developing a Novice Angling Strategy we had survey to get the views of anglers and non anglers.

During 2019 we partnered up with some old and some new groups to run various events under the umberella of “Go Fishing”.  These were all different and all tailored to the participants. Taster days “Try Fishing” are designed to get someone who has never fished before to come along and see what is involved and see if they like it.  “Go Fishing” it taking this a step further to do a programme which is usually 4 sessions where we go a bit more into detail and participants become more confident in fishing and want to improve or take it up as a pastime. 

Sarah Healy of IFI will be giving further information about the initiative and some ideas for events during 2020 during Saturday and Sunday so please come along if you have any questions which she will be happy to answer.